Smart outdoor living

Whether you’re enjoying your garden, swimming in the pool or just soaking up the sunshine, it’s easy to make the most of the great outdoors in south-east Queensland.

At eXperience ONE we can draw on the benefits of automation to not only improve your indoor experience but your overall al fresco one as well.

When you live in a place with as much sunshine as south-east Queensland, it makes sense that you want to enjoy the outdoors. Now with eXperience ONE you can use the benefits of automation to make your outdoor time even more relaxing and satisfying.

Smart sprinkler settings

A smart sprinkler is a sprinkler system you can control from your smart phone or another device. You can adjust your watering schedules based on the weather, the time of the day and the level of rainfall you recieve. Your smart sprinkler system has a number of impressive functions:

  • Measure the level of moisture in your soil without the need for sensors or metres.
  • Monitor the local weather situation so that if you need water delivered, you can always be sure of exactly how much you need.
  • Turn on your automatic sprinkler system with just the press of a button from your phone.
  • Save water by allowing your eXperience ONE automated sprinkler system to adjust the amount you use more efficiently.
Access control intercom

If you’re relaxing in the backyard when someone knocks on the door, no problem. With our access control intercom, you can see who’s there and even chat to them on your smart phone without having to walk through the house.

Adjustable blinds

Need a little extra shade? With eXperience ONE’s smart outdoor technology, you can adjust your blinds via the app on your phone. Without having to even lay a finger on the blinds yourself, you can adjust the amount of light you let in whenever you like. You can even save the position of your blinds as a setting you can return to at any time.

You can even use your adjustable blinds to prevent damage to your awnings by setting them to adjust automatically when the wind becomes too strong. You can set your blinds to open at dawn and close at dusk or to do the opposite if you’re a night shift worker. And when you spend time enjoying the great outdoors, your eXperience ONE blinds will allow easy adjustment so that you can enjoy the sun as you see fit.

The eXperience ONE difference

For decades, eXperience ONE has been in the business of home automation and smart technology.

We’ve pushed the technology to new heights in industries ranging from luxury marine crafts to aged and disability care. Now we’re taking it to the next level      to create full-scale smart homes that make for one rewarding experience.

From the basis of other brands that we’ve built or acquired over many years, all of them leaders in the smart home industry, we bring you a smart home experience that allows you to make the most of both the indoors and outdoors.

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