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With a smart home from eXperience ONE, you don’t have to settle for anything less than the perfect home.

Smart homes may seem like advanced technology or the homes of the future, but they’ve been in the works for a long time. And as the technology has developed over the last several decades, eXperience ONE has long been at the forefront pushing it to new heights of innovation.

We have a team of professional, competent and highly-trained staff members who have been working with smart technology for a very long time. Our staff work in the aged and disability care, luxury marine craft and audio visual industries. We know what it takes to not only entertain people and provide them with creature comforts, but to establish a comfortable place for them to live as well.

If you’ve landed on our website, you probably already know that a smart home is a home with all its components connected to a hub. A home where all the elements are integrated and you can activate several functions at the same time just by pressing a button on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or another device.

All of our smart homes are unique and uniquely suited to you. Contact us for more information and to start on the path to your smart home today.

Essential elements of a smart home

Security and CCTV

An eXperience ONE smart home takes security to the next level with safety measures like CCTV cameras, 24-hour monitoring, assistive monitoring, access control, smart locks, codes and a number of other security measures that make smart homes the safer choice.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, you can effortlessly set the mood across the whole house and you never have to stress that you’ve left a light on again. Smart lighting is energy-efficient, with the ability to switch itself off when no-one else is in the room.

Air conditioning

In a place like Queensland, it’s important to have a high-quality air-conditioning system. In a smart home, an air conditioning system is connected to the hub so you can switch it on – along with other vital elements of the house like your lights – at the same time.

Audio and Video

If you love music, TV or films you’ll love living in a smart home, where we offer the highest quality of audio and video experiences including home cinemas! Listen to your favourite music streaming in multiple rooms or sit down with your family and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in surround sound with no crowds. You can even save a setting so that it’s possible to adjust your lighting, turn on your air conditioning and start the film all at once.

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Our services

We provide all of the essential elements you’d expect from a professional smart home and more.

We do everything you’d expect: security, lighting, audio and video, all delivered in that uniquely integrated smart home style. But there are many other benefits to living in one of our homes including:

  • Reliable and NBN-ready Wi-Fi: For a twenty-first century smart home where all the devices are working at their optimal level, it’s essential to have reliable internet. We provide NBN-ready fast Wi-Fi so all your devices can communicate quickly and efficiently.
  • Smart sprinkler setting: Need to water your plants while you’re at work? With our smart sprinkler setting you can take care of your garden even when you can’t be at home for the day. Our smart outdoor solutions help you enjoy the outdoor areas of your home just as much as you’re sure to enjoy the indoors.
  • Smart wiring: eXperience ONE electricians are experts in smart wiring, the versatile wiring that works for every appliance in a smart home and allows you to keep adding new technology to your home.

Our products

eXperience ONE work with a number of high-end brands and developers on the market in order to ensure your smart home comes equipped with all the essential elements:


Companies like Sony and Krix provide our audio and video solutions so that you can enjoy your media with the sound and picture quality at its highest.


We work with leaders in the security industry to provide solutions to keep you, your home and your family safe. Our security partners have proven their competence with successful projects across the globe.

Contact us

eXperience ONE will be at your side from the initial consultation all the way to handing over the keys to your smart home. For more information and to work with us, call us or book a time to visit an eXperience Centre today.


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