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Smart home solutions

At eXperience ONE, we keep smart home solutions simple.

With our Brisbane-based smart homes, all of the appliances in your household are integrated for easy usage. You can connect everything from your lighting to your entertainment system to your security to the hub.

There are several aspects of a quality smart home that make it unique. To find out more about the features of our smart homes and how we can make our smart home solutions work for you, contact us.

Some features of our smart home solutions include:

Access Control

Access control limits access to your property to certain people at certain times. This gives you total control over who can enter your property and when, allowing you to better protect your home.

Audio Visual io

At eXperience ONE, we understand how important sound and images are to any decent home entertainment system. That’s why we make an effort to understand and work with the dynamics of acoustics and the technicalities behind video. What do you want to achieve with the sound and screens in your new home? We work with you to figure out what needs to be in place for you to achieve the perfect audio visual environment.

Not only can audio be used to provide music, it can also be used to make announcements to multiple rooms around the house. Emergency situations such as smoke or a family member having a fall can trigger these announcements, as can less urgent situations such as setting a nightly reminder to take the bin out.

Reliable audio visual around the house is also an essential part of keeping your home well protected.

Surveillance and Security

In addition to entertainment and convenience, smart homes provide additional security for you and your family. Through our integrated system of cameras you can watch your property even more closely and catch suspicious behaviour quicker. When suspicious activity triggers an alert, you can check your cameras on your device from anywhere, whether you’re at home or not.

Our security systems aren’t just useful for catching would-be intruders in the act either. You can also monitor your children from another room and make sure they’re safe.

Energy management

Everyone wants to keep their power bills down. Luckily one of the biggest benefits of living in a smart home is that it makes for a smarter way to use power. With an eXperience ONE smart home all the existing systems operate on a single platform that’s optimised to manage energy efficiently. Say goodbye to automatically leaving the lights on. You can set them to turn off when a room is unoccupied. You can also manage the lighting all across your house entirely from one device. If you’re out of the house and suddenly remember you left a light on in a particular room, you can turn it off with one click from your device.

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eXperience ONE will be right with you every step of the way, from that first consultation where we discuss your needs right through to continual support after you’ve moved into your new home. For smart home solutions you can count on get in touch with us today.


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