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eXperience ONE’s home automation services allow you to set up and run your life in a way once considered impossible.

If you can control a smart phone, you can control a smart home. With the press of a button on your handheld device you can adjust your security, lighting, blinds, air conditioning, audio and visual entertainment and more.

For the first home buyer or even the seasoned property investor, smart homes may seem like new and exciting technology. But home automation technology – the ability to control the various appliances around your home and their settings – has existed in some form or other for a long time. And eXperience ONE have long been at the forefront of it.

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What is home automation?

Simply put, home automation means using technology to control and automate various household features. Home automation has existed for decades in various forms from remote controls to clapper lamps.

Over time the technology has advanced to the point where it’s possible for the technology to completely change the way we live. And it’s only the beginning.

In a smart home, some are all of the electrical appliances are connected to “the hub”, a control system capable of interacting with a range of devices. Once your security, lighting etc is connected to the hub you can control it with a range of devices from smart phones and tablets to light switches and buttons to your voice alone. Some less common methods include eyegaze technology (which as the name suggests, involves using your eyes to control a computer mouse) and suck and puff (which involves sending signals orally using mouth gestures).

Because of these less traditional approaches to controlling devices, home automation has proven itself a natural fit for the aged and disability care sectors. It’s helped the elderly and those without full use of their physical capabilities to live more independent lives. But it can help everyone to improve the quality of their lives.

While smart home automation probably sounds very technical, the team at eXperience ONE enjoy breaking it down for the average person. With a passion for the technology and decades of experience in the industry, we’ll take care of the technical aspects behind the scenes so you can focus on enjoying your smart home.

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The eXperience ONE approach

Drawing on decades of experience working with home automation and smart technology, eXperience ONE want to help this technology take off in Southeast Queensland.

During the initial consultation, we’ll design a smart home that’s perfect for what you’re looking for. From that point on we’ll be there for you throughout the process of construction all the way to taking care of your home afterwards.

Every home we design is tailored to the needs of our clients, whether they just want a little home automation or a full-scale smart home.

Here are just a few of the areas we focus on:


You already know how important it is to protect your home and your family. But with our smart home solutions, you can take home security to the next level. For example, when an alarm goes off, the lights go on and we send an immediate notification to your phone. You can then check the cameras on your smart phone whether you’re at home or not.

We also offer security solutions such as logging who accesses a door and at what time, in case certain people only need access for limited periods of time.

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Lighting is a vital element of every home and our smart lighting is not only easy to control for practical purposes, it’s also designed to easily set the mood. With our smart lighting solutions you can remotely adjust everything from just one light to a whole room or your entire home.

A couple of other impressive features of our smart lighting settings include:

“Mockupancy”: From the outside, this setting mimics the appearance of someone being home at night even when the house is empty.

Saving your lighting set-up as a permanent setting: Need to make the lighting absolutely perfect for a dinner party, romantic evening or another get-together? With our smart lighting, you can save the scene you create as a permanent setting to recall anytime you like.

Home Cinema

Whether you’re an avid film buff or just like to entertain, it’s natural that you’d want to integrate your audio and visual systems into your smart home. One of eXperience ONE’s areas of expertise is our home cinema solutions, which range from a simple set-up all the way to an entire room dedicated to a movie theatre for you and your family.

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