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eXperience ONE Home Theatre

Dive into the world of cinematic brilliance with eXperience ONE. Owning a smart home cinema has never been this immersive and luxurious.

Why Choose eXperience ONE?

An eXperience ONE home cinema transcends ordinary viewing experiences. Designed specifically for your room, we adhere to industry best practice guidelines from CEDIA, THX, Dolby, Trinnov, and more, assuring the pinnacle of performance and value. After all, good equipment installed well often outperforms great equipment installed poorly, and great equipment installed to perfection is always extraordinary.

Every cinema is unique, and our dedication to precision means we tailor the design to your space. A typical package for a dedicated home cinema room (5x6m) commences at approximately $30,000. This fully installed, configured, and ready-to-use system might include:

  • – Cinema Design, Planning and 3D Modelling
  • – 16:9 Acoustically Transparent Screen
  • – Sony 4K Laser Projector
  • – 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Configuration
  • – Multiple AV Input Sources (AppleTV, Nvidia Shield, FTA TV, BluRay, Gaming console, Media Server)
  • – Single Remote Room Control System
  • – Lighting Control
  • – Network and WiFi
  • – Equipment Rack
  • – Audio Calibration

Benefits of your own home theatre

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You get the experience of a night at the cinema with your family but without the hassles such as loud talkers and queues.

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If you stream a sporting event, you get better-than-front-row seating and it almost feels like you have the whole place to yourself.

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If you’re a gamer, it’s even better. A home cinema makes for an immersive gaming experience with big-screen graphics and surround sound.

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You can stop and start any time you like. If you need to take a break, simply hit pause and then come back and resume the experience once you’ve done what you need to do. You can also re-watch scenes or rewind to catch up on a part you missed. You’re in complete control and there’s no-one there to tell you how to run your cinema.

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You have endless choice about what to watch. In a commercial cinema, of course, you have to take your pick from what’s screening. But with your own private cinema, there are so many options for you to choose from.

Endless media platforms and viewing options

Elevate Your Cinema Experience: Luxury Upgrades


For those seeking next-level performance and feel, eXperience ONE offers a multitude of high-end enhancements to elevate your space and provide performance far beyond commercial cinemas:


  • High-Channel Count Speaker Configurations: Deepen the immersive audio experience with more precise sound localization and envelopment. Greater spatial resolution (more speakers, less dead space)  delivers unparalleled immersion and realism that transports you directly into the heart of every movie, ensuring you don’t just watch, but live every moment. 
  • Multiple Subwoofers: Adding more subwoofers is not necessarily about louder bass. Multiple subwoofers deployed correctly ensure consistent, quality bass for every seat in the room and increases the performance of each speaker in the system.
  • Under-Seat Tactile Actuators (Seat Shakers or Butt-Kickers): Add a physical sensation to your viewing, allowing you to feel the action on-screen. Great for gaming and action movies!
  • Acoustic Room Treatment: Acoustic treatment panels enhance the quality of sound in a home cinema by minimizing sound reflections and echoes, resulting in a more defined immersive sound field with tighter bass and clearer dialogue.
  • Trinnov Audio Processing: The pinnacle of digital audio processing. Trinnov is found in the world’s best private and commercial cinemas and is renowned for its ability to calibrate high-channel count cinemas to perfection.
  • madVR Video Processing: madVR video processors offer unparalleled video quality and performance for luxury home cinemas by analysing and correcting every pixel of every frame of content to deliver a stunning picture. It delivers exquisite image upscaling, enhanced colour accuracy, and superior motion handling. Its advanced processing capabilities create an immersive and cinematic viewing experience that truly elevates a home cinema experience.
  • Cinemascope Screens: Provides an ultra-wide viewing aspect ratio, replicating the authentic cinematic visual experience.
  • Professional Video Calibration: The final step in visual perfection. Video calibration is the fine-tuning of your image to your specific room and equipments capabilities. This ensures every last bit of possible performance is extracted from the equipment you purchase.
  • Customized Cinema Seating: We offer a large range of home cinema seating with endless configurations, materials, colours and add-on accessories.
  • Specialized Cinema Pattern Carpet and Acoustic Underlay: Authentic cinema pattern carpets to complete the look and feel of your private home cinema.
  • Star Panel Optical Ceiling: Creates a celestial ambience with twinkling fibre-optic stars to immerse you beneath a virtual night sky and create a feel of openness and grandeur.
  • Coloured LED Strip Lighting: Expand the cinematic experience and create the mood before the movie even starts. Controllable lighting lets you set the mood to your liking.
  • Speaker Concealing Fabric Wall Systems: Integrates speakers seamlessly into the décor, maintaining aesthetic elegance without compromising on sound quality.
  • AC Control: Intelligent climate control for optimal comfort during your cinematic experiences.
  • Blind Control: Allows automatic adjustment of window blinds, ensuring the perfect lighting conditions for every viewing.
  • Golf Simulators: Turns your cinema space into a virtual golf course, offering realistic and entertaining practice sessions.
  • VR Systems: Immerses you in virtual realities, providing interactive entertainment and a revolutionary gaming experience.

The eXperience ONE home cinema difference

With eXperience ONE, we transform mere watching into an immersive, engaging cinema sensation, uniting luxury and technology for an unparalleled experience. We invite you to explore the possibilities and embrace the extraordinary with eXperience ONE.

Some of our esteemed brands for these configurations include Krix, Velodyne, Paradigm and Triad speakers, Anthem and Integra AV Receivers, Sony Projectors, and Control4 room control. Explore more about Our Brands.

You can even send what you’re watching to multiple screens around the house so that every member of the household can enjoy the movie in the environment they feel most comfortable. A home cinema might be one of the few things capable of keeping the whole family happy.

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