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One of the biggest benefits to owning a smart home is having your very own home cinema.

At eXperience ONE we can create the kind of cinema experience that’s perfectly suited to your tastes and budget. From a simple setup in your living room all the way up to a state-of-the-art big screen theatre, we can work to whatever specifications are best for your smart home. And we have the experience, the knowledge and the tools to make it work.

Having developed smart home and automation technology over a number of decades, eXperience ONE has plenty of experience in home cinema construction. We can create a simple arrangement for you so you can enjoy a film in peace with your family in a living room. Or we can construct a full-scale home cinema with cutting-edge elements such as 4K projection, Dolby Atmos sound and custom cinema seating.

Benefits of your own home theatre

You get the experience of a night at the cinema with your family but without the hassles such as loud talkers and queues.

If you stream a sporting event, you get better-than-front-row seating and it almost feels like you have the whole place to yourself.

If you’re a gamer, it’s even better. A home cinema makes for an immersive gaming experience with big-screen graphics and surround sound.

You can stop and start any time you like. If you need to take a break, simply hit pause and then come back and resume the experience once you’ve done what you need to do. You can also re-watch scenes or rewind to catch up on a part you missed. You’re in complete control and there’s no-one there to tell you how to run your cinema.

You have endless choice about what to watch. In a commercial cinema, of course, you have to take your pick from what’s screening. But with your own private cinema, there are so many options for you to choose from.

Endless media platforms and viewing options

There’s so much you can stream on the big screen these days: Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, Apple TV, YouTube, your own personal collection of DVDs and movies purchased on iTunes. For something different you can even use your home cinema to play tracks from your personal music collection or audio streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.  One of the best things about having your own personal home theatre is the endless amount of choice and flexibility on offer – and the chance to experience it on the big screen in top-notch audio and picture quality.

The eXperience ONE home cinema difference

eXperience ONE work only with the highest-quality audio and video brands, so you know we won’t compromise when it comes to building you your own home cinema.

eXperience ONE works only with the highest-quality audio and video brands (link to Our Brands page), so you know we won’t compromise when it comes to building you your own home cinema. We’re discerning about who we work with because we want to provide you with the most top-notch level home cinema on the market. One with premium surround sound and a range of speakers to suit your needs, first-class screen quality and lighting that allows you to west the mood quickly and efficiently.

And because it’s a smart home theatre, you can operate everything quickly and easily with the simple push of a button. With a single command, you can adjust the lighting, set the audio level and start the film. Get ready to throw away all your old remote controls as you gain the power to control the whole setting so effortlessly.

You can even send what you’re watching to multiple screens around the house so that every member of the household can enjoy the movie in the environment they feel most comfortable. A home cinema might be one of the few things capable of keeping the whole family happy.

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