Surveillance and Security

One of the biggest benefits of living in a smart home is how much easier it is to keep your family safe. Forget a set of keys that can easily be lost or stolen. An eXperience ONE surveillance and security system will keep thieves and intruders out effectively. Our system will also ensure that residents, particularly the ones who need special care, are kept safe inside the home.

Here are some ways that eXperience ONE ensure the safety and security of your home:

Smart locks

Thieves may be able to steal keys but they can’t read your mind or steal your fingerprint. When you arrive home, you can unlock your gate or front door simply by entering your code, scanning your fingerprint or swiping your keyfob (small, battery-powered remote control).  We have smart locks built to work with whatever kind of unlocking device you’re most comfortable with.

Access control

With access control, you can choose who enters your house and when. All you have to do is add users to the access control system and remove them as necessary. If there’s somebody who needs access to your house for a short period of time only, that’s easy to arrange. Access control systems can also be integrated with the intercom so you can chat with the person at the gate before you let them in.

To find out more about access control, visit our access control page.

Security alerts no matter where you are

It doesn’t matter whether you’re overseas or just down the street. Wherever you are in the world, your security system will alert you.

Whether it’s a fire, a break-in or a member of your own family in trouble, the system will contact you. You then have the opportunity to observe the cameras before you contact the authorities.

Should somebody threaten you in your own home, eXperience ONE’s security systems have silent alarms that alert the police when activated.

24-hour monitoring

One of the best investments you can make to protect your family and home around the clock is a 24-hour security monitoring system.

Advancements in technology mean that people don’t even have to know you have a security system monitoring your place. Concealed and discreet cameras mean that guests and people with legitimate business won’t feel uncomfortable on your doorstep. Round-the-clock monitoring is affordable, convenient and easy in an eXperience ONE smart home.

Assistive monitoring

Because so many of our staff helped to refine and redefine the technology in the aged care and disability sectors, we have carers in mind when we define our smart homes. As a result, one useful tool we’ve developed is assistive monitoring that can easily be integrated in a smart home system.

With our monitoring system, carers can check the monitored devices and make sure their clients are safe from anywhere in the world. If it’s an emergency situation, carers can  act  straight away.

Through assistive monitoring, carers can also take charge of several functions of the house such as heating control and opening and closing doors.

As well as allowing carers full control of the functions, our assistive monitoring technology also allows logging of all activities. You can even set up differing levels of control for different users involved in the client’s life.

High-quality home security products

In addition to the specialties that make living in a smart home unique, we also have a variety of more common security products from high-quality brands. These appliances include home security systems, CCTV and alarm systems.

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Smart homes offer a number of benefits not just in terms of security but also convenience, entertainment and general quality of life. To find out more information and to get started on the process of designing your own smart home, get in touch with us. Give us a call or pay a visit to a showroom.


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