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If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance that at the end of the day you unwind in front of your TV, your stereo or your laptop.

The Internet has changed the entertainment landscape so dramatically that now the options are almost endless: film and television services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, sharing services like YouTube and Instagram video. And those are just the platforms. There’s so much content to take in and consumers are eager for easy-to-use and high-quality technology to enjoy it on.

In a smart home everything is enhanced for extra reliable and convenient performance. That includes audio and visual entertainment, which is also taken to the next level in terms of quality. No more complicated set-ups, just an easily programmable audio and visual system that you can operate with the simple press of a button.

Entertainment is not only how most people choose to relax, it’s also one of those activities that really brings a family together. It’s an area that’s very easy to automate with satisfying results. If you love music, films, television, podcasts or any other form of audio and visual entertainment, you’ll love an eXperience ONE smart home.

Uses and advantages of smart audio and video
  • Your smart system can broadcast audio into multiple rooms. Not only can you listen to your favourite music in various spots around the house, you can also play pre-recorded messages and make announcements to remind you to complete tasks. You can program your system to play certain sounds in order to alert you to emergencies and other events that need attention.
  • You can choose the way you play your audio, whether it’s the same music throughout the house or different content for different rooms.
  • Smart video means that different TVs can play the same video, and members of your house can watch it wherever they feel most comfortable. No longer will your kids have to fight over the best seat in the living room.
  • Smart video also helps to strengthen your home’s security. You can find out more information about that on our surveillance and security page
Safety and security
What an eXperience ONE smart home can offer you in audio visual options
  • Music throughout the house with barely a speaker in sight. Listen to your favourite music from anywhere in the house simply by pushing a button or speaking. You can have top-notch audio quality without speakers taking up space and getting in your way. In fact, our concealed speakers will almost be out of sight and out of mind. You can have your own music following you from room to room as you complete household tasks or have different music playing in every room to keep the whole family happy.
  • Your very own in-house cinema. With your very own eXperience ONE home movie theatre, you have complete control over the entire environment. There’s no need to put up with loud talkers, queues or high ticket prices. Our custom-made, unique cinemas have the same high audio and picture quality you’ll find in a movie theatre except you control the picture and take a break if you need to. You can save settings in order to set the mood as soon as the picture starts. We have all the equipment you need to make your home cinema experience complete including state-of-the-art screens and speakers with surround sound. Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the media from your favourite streaming service.
  • Video doorbells. Now you don’t have to race to the door to see who’s ringing your bell and even to have a conversation with them. You can even answer your phone and have a chat with the person at the door whether you’re at home or not. There’s no need to get caught out by surprise guests ever again.

All eXperience ONE audio and video products and systems use the highest-quality and most reliable technology on the market.

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