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At eXperience ONE, we know you want a home that reflects your own unique style and personality.

We also realise you have your own particular priorities for what you want to automate, and it might not necessarily include every item in the house. That’s why we offer flexible home automation packages.

From the initial consultation onwards, we’ll work with you to create the home of your dreams. Our thorough consultation process gives you the opportunity to explain how you use your home and how you’d like to. We’ll keep you in the loop all the way from that first conversation to the moment we hand over the keys so that you’re sure to be more than satisfied with the final result.

eXperience ONE smart homes

eXperience ONE is a new organisation made up of professionals who have been involved in smart home technology and home automation for a very long time. Through decades spent working in other organisations, we’ve emerged as leaders in smart technology.

We’ve spent a long time figuring out how to make smart technology more accessible in a variety of ways. From luxury cruise ships to the aged care sector, we’ve helped a variety of different demographics achieve a higher standard of living and comfort. No matter which functions and appliances of your home you want automated and how complex the job is, we’re here to create the perfect smart home experience for you.

By the time we hand your smart home over to you, it will be fully functioning and programmable, with all of the features you rated most important.

Features of our smart home packages

One of the aspects of our business that we pride ourselves on is that we really listen to our customers and work with what they want. Having said that, our smart homes tend to have some distinctive high quality features:

NBN ready

Fast, reliable, high-quality internet is a necessity in today’s homes. This is a priority in every home but in a smart home you simply can’t be without high-quality internet. Luckily eXperience ONE’s smart homes are NBN-ready so that whenever the National Broadband Network rolls out to your area, you’ll be able to connect straight away. One of the biggest benefits of living in a smart home is being able to enjoy your favourite media your way, whether that media is your Spotify playlist while you relax in the bathtub or NetFlix and Hulu in your home cinema. Once you’ve moved in, you’ll be able to enjoy those pleasures knowing you’re connected to the highest-quality internet around.

Voice control ready

With so many members of the eXperience ONE team having pioneered technology for the aged and disability care sectors, one area we’ve mastered is voice control. If pressing a button wasn’t simple enough, we have ways to control the appliances in your home merely with the sound of your voice. Voice control is easy and enjoyable and everyone can benefit from having it in their home. We can even program your house to perform multiple functions upon the sound of one command.

IOS and Android ready

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Apple or an Android person. Whatever kind of phone, tablet or controller advice you have, you can easily control one of our smart homes.

Scalable over time:

Over time you may want to get more gadgets. With our smart homes, it’s easy to integrate them into your existing system. No matter how intricate or elaborate your security or entertainment systems get, they’re easily scalable.


We know how important security is for you and your family, which is why we  offer so many tools for your own automated security system. Take your pick from motion sensors, keypads, monitoring controls, CCTV cameras with mobile viewing and countless other security options.


With all the media you can enjoy in a smart home and the numerous places to enjoy it, you’ll need top-quality audio. That’s Why eXperience ONE offer multiple speaker sets, multi-zone amplifiers and an interface that easily connects to streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.

The list above is only the beginning. Reach out to us to find out what kind of other services we can provide to you – and which of our packages will suit you best.

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