Access control

Security is an important issue to consider. Luckily owning a smart home has some guaranteed security advantages. A major one is access control.

Access control is a way to take charge of who can be present on your property and when. It gives particular individuals the power to access your property only when you want them to. Obviously there are certain people, like your family, that need to be able to enter the property 24/7. But for others such as party guests, limited access restricted to a particular entrance or time period works well.

Access control systems come in all sizes and designs and are simple to build on. They range from a single door or gate to an intricate multi-gate system, and they always offer plenty of potential for expansion. Especially when eXperience ONE makes it so easy to continually build upon a smart home and its various automated appliances.

No matter what method of access works best for you, from fingerprint to special code, we can make it work for you in your smart home. Simplifying complex technology, we focus on what’s truly important to you: the safety of you and your family.

Types of access control

Access control is not only popular with residential smart homes, it’s also used for businesses, where there are a few different kinds:

Discretionary access control

Common in the business world, this gives a company owner the ability to decide who they let into the premises and in what way. Often this is done with some form of verification such as staff cards or ID passes.

Mandatory access control

Also popular in the business world, this method gives only owners or custodians the ability to manage access.

Role-based access control

This is the system you’ll be working with. The administrator decides who has access to the premises based on their “role” and for how long. Although it’s common in households, this method is actually quite popular in the business sector too.

With access control such a popular security measure in the corporate world, it only makes sense you should draw on its reliability to protect your home. And with eXperience ONE on your side, access control doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, we guarantee it won’t be.

Benefits of access control
  • Probably one of the biggest benefits of access control is the extra security. You can access your property with a code, a command or finger print – all things that are harder to lose or steal than a set of keys.
  • You always know who is coming and going and will even have a record of them stored in the system for future reference. Say you lose something valuable at a party and you think somebody may have stolen it. It’s easy to check the record and see who was there and at what time.
  • Access control works beautifully with an intercom system, allowing you to have conversations with people over your device before you let them in.
  • You can program gates and garages to pen for you when you turn into your street. There’s no need to even press a button.
  • You can control access to your property remotely. Even if you’re at work or overseas, you can chat to a tradesperson or someone else who has a legitimate reason to enter your property and grant them access. This makes it easy to organize your life and oversee your property no matter where you happen to be.
eXperience ONE offers smarter home security

With decades of experience behind us, eXperience ONE is the leader in automation technology –  and that includes security. Our staff have previously worked in both the marine craft and aged and disability care sectors, so they recognize the importance of keeping people safe and not compromising on security.

We work with the best security brands on the market and use some of the highest-quality products available in the construction of our smart homes. And while access control is a massive part of what we do, it’s far from the only security measure we have to offer. We can work with you on your own terms to ensure your home is as secure as it can be.

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Access control is just one of the benefits of purchasing an eXperience ONE smart home. Spend some time on our website and you’ll see just what a smart home can do to enhance your life and your enjoyment of your time. For further information and to start your initial smart home consultation, give us a call or visit a showroom.


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