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Although the science behind it may be complex, home automation technology is actually quite a simple concept:

with just the sound of your voice or the push of a button, you can control almost anything in your home. While this of course includes major elements such as lighting and security, it can even expand into smaller details such as clocks and doorbells. It’s all part of the Internet of Things (IoT for short), the name for the billions of devices now connected to the Internet across the world. So while the concept of a smart home full of elements that talk to each other may seem futuristic, the truth is that it’s here already.

A lot of major brands already have smart home technology built in. Smart assistants such as Siri and Alexa are popular and some of them can serve as the hub for a smart home. With a smart home, you just build on the basis of your existing technology until your entire home is running to maximum efficiency.

How does the technology work?

While smart technology differs between companies, places and appliances, smart technology has a few common factors:

  • It uses the Internet and wireless technology to send signals from one device to another.
  • It’s app-based. The apps on your phone, laptop or tablet allow you to send instructions to a server that connects to your smart devices.
  • It’s centred around a hub. The hub, which may be an app or a device, is the master control centre from which to operate every device in your smart home.

In order to make it work, you need a few essential ingredients including:

Smart wiring

Smart wiring, which needs to be installed by a qualified technician, combines many different forms of wiring into one integrated and versatile kind. Smart wiring is a standardised system for smart technology and homes that allows you to continually build upon the foundation you already have. If there’s a piece of technology you don’t want now but may want in the future, smart wiring will ensure you already have the capacity to install it.

A hub

Although it’s the spot from which you control a variety of different appliances, the hub can be as simple as an app on your phone. Companies such as Amazon, Google and Samsung also make larger and more detailed hubs. A hub is an essential feature of any smart home and it’s important to make sure your hub is high-quality and connects with a range of devices.


Reliable Wi-Fi is a necessity in a smart home. That’s why eXperience ONE ensures that your devices are NBN-ready. It’s our way to ensure your home stays prepared for the future, whatever new developments it brings.

eXperience ONE are leaders in home automation technology

But for most people, it’s simply not a good idea. It can involve complex electrical work. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the devices to work together.

Because your home is such a major investment and the place you’ll have to live for the foreseeable future, you also don’t want to leave it in the hands of amateurs. That’s why an eXperience ONE smart home is such a sensible investment. Our staff have been in this industry a long time. Some of them have worked with the technology as its developed literally over decades. We’ve been employed by some of Queensland’s largest smart technology companies, developing technology for diverse areas from aged and disability care to marine craft. Once technology adapted to the point where it was possible to build efficient, integrated smart houses, we were at the forefront of that development.

We have the customer service skills and attention to detail to help you plan exactly what you want in a new home.

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You don’t have to understand the technology to reap the benefits of a smart home. eXperience ONE do all the difficult and complex work for you behind the scenes so you can benefit from a simpler way of life. To find out more about our smart homes and to start the initial consultation for building your own, give us a call or visit a showroom today.


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