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Mandana House

This project is a good example of eXperience ONE creating a comprehensive Smart Home with a lot of great functionality whilst keeping the aesthetic of the home front of mind. We wanted to bring the convenience of Smart Home control without it being a design focus.

The clients are a young professional couple with young kids building their first home. They created a boldly styled, unique, modern home with a focus on art and outdoor entertaining. As is often the case, initially Matt was the one driving the desire for a cohesive Smart Home System with Hanna excited but not yet understanding the full benefit of the system. Features like remote monitoring of the security and surveillance, Video Intercom, welcome home lighting scenes are features that have led Hanna to tell me that if I ever have a client’s wife that is hesitant she would happily talk to them and tell them how beneficial the system is. They particularly like the keypad access control and management they have over users and notifications they have around their babysitter coming and going. In fact, they are still adding extra items like additional lighting control as they live in the home and realise the potential of the Control4 system

This system had a comprehensive list of items to control. Some the client already owned, others were new. Control4 allowed us to pick and choose the best solutions for this home Control4 branded or not, and give a truly custom system with control simple enough for even the kids to use. 

Full feature list:
• Control4 Smart Home Control System
• Security
• Access Control
• Video Intercom
• Wireless Lighting Control
• AC Control
• Water Feature Control
• 4K Video Distribution
• 5.1.2 Home Cinema
• Multi-Room Audio (Inc outdoor audio)
• Motorised Blinds and Louvres
• Networking and WiFi

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